VICENTE | GEBRUERS | GOVAERT IN CONCERT - ART LOFT LISBON Concert/ Dinner events - Art in Action

VICENTE | GEBRUERS | GOVAERT  IN CONCERT - ART LOFT LISBON Concert/ Dinner events - Art in Action
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Fri 12 July 2019
Friday 12 July 2019
8:00 PM - 11:30 PM

Welcome to Art in Action House!!!

Enjoy an Exclusive and Private CONCERT DINNER in our ART LOFT in Lisbon's center - Príncipe Real!!!

"For the purpose of bringing true SOUND experiences to people PRIVATELY!!! 

... from the gallery to the NEW FORM OF GALLERY through common gathering and eating!!!"


For Jazz and Art Lovers. PRIVATE CONCERT Dinner WITH:

Luís VICENTE trumpet | Seppe GEBRUERS piano | Onno GOVAERT drums.

It's a TRUE PRIVILEGE for ART LOFT LISBON to share this performance privately with YOU!                      

Come to our Private Loft and enjoy a PRIVATE CONCERT DINNER in a unique and intimate artistic experience!!! Dive into over 200 original contemporary art pieces.

  • TICKETS INCLUDE Portuguese beverages - craft beer, wine, ginginha and a always surprising hearted DINNER.   Please drink in moderation.                                                                                                                                                      
  • In respect to the musicians and to the public.DOOR CLOSES AT 9pm and the bell is turned off.
  • ART & CONCERT EVENTS are limited to just 40 people.

What they said about them.


"On this great album, we have a trio of Portuguese trumpet-player Luís Vicente, Belgian pianist Seppe Gebruers and Dutch drummer Onno Govaert. The fully improvised performance was recorded live at the Sound Disobedience Festival in Ljubljana, Slovenia in March 2017.                                                  ... The result is fresh and sparkling, a kind of organic, natural co-creation of sound with a very pristine aesthetic." Stef, Free Jazz Collective

Mark Corroto, All About Jazz wrote"... While Buddhists pursue enlightenment, modern science investigates epigenetics. Research tells us that humans can modify their own gene expression, actually alter their DNA, through thoughts and experiences. Listening to the trio of Luís Vicente, Seppe Gebruers, and Onno Govaert may be just one of those DNA-altering experiences. Stick with me here. Both enlightenment and epigenetics turn on the concept of non-duality, or the realization that there is no “us and them”. We are all one. Free improvisation, like this trio’s performance at the Sound Disobedience Festival, makes no distinction between silence and sound, rhythm and entropy, and well, performer and witness.                                                                                                                                                  The performers’ DNA is encoded by many generations of music makers. Consciously (most probably unconsciously), Luís Vicente draws on jazz from its origins: Satchmo’s slurs, Miles’ murmurs, and Raymond Scott’s toy trumpets. Seppe Gebruers’ piano imagines what Chopin would summon if he were to meet Evan Parker, and Onno Govaert’s pulse takes a New Orleans parade route into the concert hall.                                                             Their music is that of equanimity, or the wisdom grounded in freedom, one not dependent on duality.                    There is no distinction between beauty/ugliness, good/bad, or noise/melody. Everything they play here comes from the subtle body and is infused with a certain bliss."


“The component manifests most obviously in Vicente's trumpet, (...) Of course, the trumpeter also splutters and exclaims explosively. But whatever he does packs charge.” John Sharpe, All About Jazz

“ One of the joys of listening to him play: he’s got an undeniable ear for melody, but he’s also not afraid to draw all of the primal physicality out of his horn - sometimes he sputters, sometimes he spits out lines with acerbic intensity, but he always keeps your attention.” Derek Stone, The Free Jazz Collective    


Belgian pianist, improviser and composer...  award best debut album in 2012 from the New York City Jazz Magazine, and a musician worth following.  Stef, Free Jazz collective

"The improv music scene is already acquainted with his name, due to his delivered work in several adventurous projects like the large ensemble 'Ifa y xango', the piano duo with Erik Vermeulen, named 'Antiduo, Bambi Pang Pang featuring the legendary Andrew Cyrille, his Solo and the trio with the pioneer Paul Lovens and Hugo Antunes. His approach is far from traditional. Last years he decided to play two pianos tuned in quarter-tones. In this way he can explore microtonal music and confront the tuning in western world music orthodoxy." Troikavzw. 


Drummer and “instant composer”, Govaert is a central figure in the Amsterdam jazzcircuit, representing a young and talented generation of improvising musicians. As part of bands such as Cactus Truck he gained international recognition. “Onno Govaert stokes the band’s fires with spazzy rumbles and unflagging motion”, commented Chicago Reader, and Volkskrant described his style as “full of initiative and uninhibited.” De Melkweg 2018

Drummer Onno Govaert have developed a highly tight, brutal and high-velocity grindcore eruption! Eyal Hareuveni, All that jazz

This is a ONE-OF-A-KIND experience ... 


... ART IN ACTION gives YOU the amazing opportunity to listen/watch/eat/drink/gather with them PRIVATELY !!!

How it started... our hidden museum

An old stable converted into a house/studio by an artist couple as a jewel/ sculpture.   
The artistic adventure started in 1996 creating the architectural solutions. 
In almost 3 years enthusiastically the contemporary art collection climbed its walls, took its ceilings, spread all over the floor filling up these 230m² x 5 high and 15 x 2m sculpture garden.                                                                       

Discover a private loft house/gallery, full of stories and history from the past 20 years.

The full address will be provided after your BOOK IN.
Just like you, we prefer intimate moments: "ART & CONCERT/ Dinnerevents are limited to 40 people (subject to availability).

Our idea is really to keep the intimacy, so ONLY 40 people.  

We'll EAT, DRINK, MEET THE ARTISTS in a comfortable inspiring environment and above all... LISTEN TO THE BEST MUSIC.

If you're vegan, don't worry. If you have any other food restriction, just let us know.

- Don't miss it !!!

-Let’s celebrate. With ART MUSIC… It’s ALL WE NEED!   



-Are there any ID or minimum age requirements to access your event?
NO, but we don't serve alcohol to minors.

- What's included in the price?

Portuguese bevarages: craft beer, red/ white wine, ginginha and DINNER are INCLUDED in the event's price.                                 We are here to share good moments with best of music while admiring beautiful painting and sculpture works.               Please drink in moderation.

-What are my transportation/parking options to get to and from the event?

Easier is TAXI or UBER, Underground METRO RATO.                                                                                               Parking should be in the street behind, or nearby but it's NOT easy to find. 

-What can I bring to the event?
Open mind, JOY and Happiness.

-How can I contact the organizer if I have questions?
You will receive the email address and the phone number of the organizer after buying your ticket.

-What is the refund policy?
Full refund until the day before 12am.

-Should I bring my printed ticket to the event?
YES please or on your smartphone.

-Can I update my registration information?

-Is my registration, fee or ticket transferable?

-Is it okay if the name on my ticket or registration does not match the participant?

We speak Catalan, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.


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Full adress will be provided after you BOOK IN., LIsbon, 1200-280, Linsbon, Portugal

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