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Saturday  28 April  2018  5:00 PM    Saturday  28 April  2018 7:00 PM
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What's in your toothpaste?

Would you be surprised to know the foaming agent is the same ingredient in shampoo and dish soap? I 'll talk about oral health, going into depth on conventional ingredients and their purposes as well as plant and herbal ingredients and their uses. I 'll make two recipes of homemade toothpastes with easily and accessible materials.
You will participate in making them and taste them all, then take samples of a few weeks supply to try at home!

Come and join us to learn how to make at home your own ecological and sustainable cosmetics with the use of plants!


- Brief introduction to Phytotherapy (use of plants for treatment of diseases) and Natural Cosmetics
- Mention of plants that are frequently used to make toothpastes
- How is an industrial toothpaste made? Introduction of the main substances used
- What do our teeth need?
- Explanation of the plants and material that we will use
- How to Make Toothpaste and Other Complementary Techniques
- Calculation of formulas
- Demonstration and preparation of two different toothpastes
- Group session preparation
- Formulas for therapeutic and aesthetic use

Duration: 1.30-2h
Value: € 20
Offer: 2 toothpaste
materials for the preparation

Registration until April 24, 2018
Registration and other information via email:

Trainer: Samantha
is a pharmacist with a strong background in phytotherapy, pharmaceutical botannics, medical and cosmetic preparations, cultural and ritual use of plants through history.
She created her own line of products using medicinal plants, clays, oils, dyes, etc., cheap, organic and easily accessible ingredients. This initiative was born with the idea of creating a collective conscience regarding personal care and the environment.

Allgreen PhytoKosm-ethics

In her daily life, she combines natural product use and yoga practice (Yoga Alliance 200h RYT).
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